About Jared Windmüller Photographer


Jared Windmüller & Claudia Kon Windmüller

Jared Windmüller and his wife Claudia Kon Windmüller are a Utah based brazilian photographers and travel worldwide. They began their professional career in Japan, where they had build their first studio. Jared and Claudia spent the year of 2007 travelling through Europe, where Jared has studied photography at IDEP in Barcelona. In 2007 they returned to Brazil to begin a career as a wedding photographer, and  also established their own art gallery. In their gallery they exhibited fine art photography. The images was comprised of landscape and abstract photography from more than 20 countries Jared have been photographed, among them Brazil, China, Japan, and a good part of Europe. In 2017 they came to US to continue doing what he loves to do, that is inspire people with their images.

                                            (Photo by Dornier Stoll)